Retirement Announcement

This message is to all my valued customers.

I want all of you to know that after 23 years of owning and operating Hahn’s Barber Shop, I will be officially and permanently retiring. My last day at work in the shop will be Saturday, December 15, 2018. I will be working my regular business hours between now and that date. The most important things I want to tell you is THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL THESE WONDERFUL YEARS AND MEMORIES!!!

   Many of you have been with me since the beginning, and the majority of the rest of you have been with me for over 10 years. I cannot express how much I appreciate your loyalty. Many of you men were little children when our journey began. My customer base has been like an extended family to me. May I also take this last opportunity to thank all of you who have served or currently serving in the United States military, I love you all for your sacrifice and service to our beloved country. MAY GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!  I will miss most of all, the close interactions that I have shared with the majority of you. It has been my honor to get to know and serve each and every one of you. My prayer request book always seemed to be full. I loved praying for you and your requests.  I will deeply cherish all my memories with you guys and your families forever.

The reason for my early retirement is, I have been recently diagnosed with bladder cancer. This will require constant monitoring, surgeries and treatments for the rest of my life. This will also require a lot of down time and recovery time during working hours. I do not want to inconvenience my customers by constantly closing my shop. My wife and I took a long look at our finances, and I am happy to say that we can live the rest of our lives very comfortably financially. My doctor assures me that I will most likely be able to outlive this kind of cancer. I tell you these things so you will not worry about me. My wife and I and close family have prayed about this decision since the diagnoses. We feel direction and peace from God in this retirement decision. I am so grateful to God for his loving care. I plan on keeping my barber shop phone number and my web site up and running for at least three to four months after my retirement, so all of my customers will be able to be properly thanked and informed of my reason for early retirement.

As all of you know, I am a people person. This will give me extra time to spend with my family, friends, church and charities. I want to be the best Grandpa in the world!!!

My landlord’s current plan is to keep the building a barber shop and rent to a new barber or barbers. I don’t know who they will be, but it might be a good idea to try them out. I will do my best to meet with them and fill them in on how I ran things here. All I can do is hope they will carry on the old school barber shop traditions.

I would love to see as many of you as possible prior to my retirement. Please stop by for a haircut, or just a visit if you can.

Sincerely your Personal Barber and Friend,
David Paul Hahn Sr.

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  1. I’m so sad right now.. but I’m happy that u will b spending time with your grandbaby and family I wish you the best. My husband will b there tomorrow. Good luck in e everything and with your treatment

  2. Thank you for all of the years of haircuts, advice, prayers, laughs, wisdom, and most of all friendship. You will be missed in the shop and no one could ever fill the chair of David Hahn Sr.

  3. Dave, You don’t know me but I was helping my best friend find a barber to fix his bad haircut and came across your yelp page and I read all the reviews and honestly I felt like I knew you and told him he had to go to you. The remarks people were saying I thought to myself that is what I want people to think of me. I had a great feeling in my heart. Then I went to your website and my heart broke reading about your cancer. My dad had cancer and he was a wonderful Christian man that I looked up to, he was my hero and role model. It sounds like you have touched many peoples lives as well as ones you have never met. I will pray for God’s healing hands over you body. Its beautiful to know there are still amazing people in this world. So my best friend, Aaron, got in this morning with you and he text me right away saying how much I would of liked talking to you, he said he felt like he was in church. That brought me happiness to know how much he enjoyed talking to you and you did an amazing job on his hair. He doesn’t believe in God but knows I am a Christian and he respects my beliefs and really did enjoy your conversation. I feel like God had his hand in this one:) I just thought you should know that you touch peoples lives that you have never met. God bless . Have a wonderful day.

  4. Hi David,

    I first came into your shop after hearing that you give nice haircuts for a good price. Three years later, I continue to realize it was more which kept me coming back. It’s you. You’re a fantastic person with a warm soul. The abundance of humility, respect, and love of friends and family that you express are truly an inspiration. I wish you well in your future endeavors and many, many happy years in retirement!

    PS: My marine sister that you always mention wishes you well too!

  5. Dear brother David,
    It was gratifying to read your Retirement notice. You chose a vocation that did far more than generate income. You built a business of caring for people. I know you have ingratiated yourself to many of your clients over the years. Your love for them and willingness to listen and pray for them is a testimony of your genuine loyalty and love.

    We all are saddened to learn of your health situation, but know you will do everything you can to beat this thing! You can count on our prayers in your behalf. God is more than able to bring healing and restoration!I

    We love you David and wish you a great retirement.

    Brother Ray & Olivia

    1. All I can say is, I LOVE YOU BOTH !!! That was the most wonderful message you have ever said to me brother.

      Love your baby, (60 year old ) brother, David Paul Hahn Sr.

  6. Hi David, this is your brother John, what a well written announcement of your happy retirement plans. I’m glad to see that you want to be more involved with Clairemont Emmanuel and other charities and of course spending more time with your grand baby. Knowing you you will have plenty to do in your retirement and after being retired myself for 11 years, I highly recommend it. I know that you will have a total blast with all your freedom. I hope the Lord speaks to you and getting involved in some ministries at church, that would be meaningful and give you purpose for your life. You’re in my prayers a lot for good restorative health. I love you brother. John.

    1. Dear brother John, I LOVE YOU !!! It is so awesome to have the level of support and prayers that you, our family, friends, and my customers are pouring out on me and my wife !!! I will cherish your letter always.

      Love your baby (60 year old) brother, David Paul Hahn Sr.

  7. Dear Mr. Hahn,
    I remember the first time I ever came into your shop. I usually went to all sorts of different barbers and would never really stick with one but after my first haircut with you, getting a haircut changed completely for me. I actually became excited over something so simple, going to get a haircut. You made it more than that though. Every time I went it was like seeing an old friend, even though you have many customers that have been with you for longer. I felt like I could talk to you about anything including music, my problems, and God. You’ll never know how much that meant to me. Ever since I’ve known you, I haven’t gone to another barber, even if you were on vacation and my hair got so bad that I had to hide it with a hat. Even now I can’t imagine ever having another barber to replace you, and that’s because nobody can. I’m so sad to see you go because I really believe God put me in my life and I hope one day to be as godly, humble, and generous as you. Thank you for not only cutting my hair, but for lending me music and movies, for talking to me when I hit hard times, and for just being a wonderful friend. I hope retirement brings you as much happiness as you have brought to everyone around you because you deserve it. I’ll miss you so much and you will always be in my prayers. Stay strong!

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